Color Yourself Creative!

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The word is out!

Creativity goes up when stress goes down!

It also turns out that subjective feelings of happiness depend less on what we have and more on what we do.

Who doesn’t want to feel excited at the start of every day? Satisfied with the result of the day’s effort? In harmony with the impulses that spring from within?

So how can we increase our satisfaction with our lives?

Many people bemoan their lack of inspiration. I’m not creative, they say, all the while wishing they could be.

Others are sure they don’t have time. It’s true that we’re all busy. I meet people who say, wistfully, after the kids grow up, after I start making more money, after I retire, THEN I’ll do my creative work.

But what if your inner muse grows weary of waiting? What if your ideas fade to dust because you haven’t put the energy into making them real?

Creativity is like a garden. It you don’t water it, it dries up.  It doesn’t take a lot of water. A regular sprinkle is better than the occasional downpour.

The good news is, you can be creative now. Without quitting your job. Without getting another degree. Without committing to writing a breakout novel or painting the next modern masterpiece.

All you have to do is give yourself the time and space to relax. To let your creative impulses come forth. Creative work comes from play. From downtime. From daydreaming. From noodling with ideas, words, pictures. From giving yourself a gift that only you can give. Permission to be who you are. 

We all have creative gifts. For some, that means serious writing, painting, music, design. For others, it means craftwork. Or nurturing a beautiful environment. Or growing healthy vegetables and beautiful plants. Doesn’t matter where your talents and impulses take you. What matters is that you follow them.

Easy to say, you might sneer, and you’re right. It is easy to say. BUT, it’s also easy to do.

Start small. Allot a short period of time on a regular basis when your creative self can roam free. Turn off the phone, the computer, shut the door and be with yourself.

You could meditate. Read inspirational material. Draw. Write in your journal. Or sit and listen to yourself breathe. Or you could evoke your inner creative self with color!

Color Your Way to Your Creative Self

A great way to relax in your creative time and get those juices flowing is to get an adult coloring book, some crayons or colored pencils and have at it! It’s amazing how relaxing it is to color beautiful designs that an artist has produced. The proliferation of these books speaks to how effective they are, both in reducing stress and promoting creativity.

Books with almost any theme that interests you are available on Amazon. I’ve listed a few below, and there are many others.

Have you tried coloring as part of your creative process?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Adult Coloring Book for Stress Relief

Adult Coloring Book Stress Relieving Animal Designs

The Secret Garden Coloring Book

Color Me Calm


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