Coaching for Writers

Plan and Organize Your Project

I can help you focus and develop your ideas, organize your book, assist you in market research, and identify your audience. With in-person or online coaching sessions, I offer:

  • help in developing and organizing your concept/idea/theme
  • assistance with manuscript organization, plot, characters, and structure
  • advice on how to complete or self-edit your book
  • feedback on whether your manuscript is ready to submit to editors or publishers.


Everyone needs someone in their corner. Writing can be a lonely business and a coach can help you to keep moving forward. I offer:

  • brainstorming on any aspect of your project
  • feedback on subject, character, plot, setting, dialogue
  • goal setting and periodic check-ins to keep momentum
  • support with any aspect of the writing process


Whether you are seeking a literary agent, plan to submit to a small press publisher, or prefer to self-publish, I have information and practical resources to help you move forward.

Project Development

I help authors refine their ideas for nonfiction articles, book chapter, and nonfiction books and write or re-write first drafts.

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