The Dreamwalkers of Larreta, Book 2


I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my second book of the visionary fantasy trilogy, The Dreamwalkers of Larreta.

If you like to read fantasy with a metaphysical twist, I hope you’ll try my books.  Both are now available in electronic format.  The Tyro is in paper now, and The Rending will soon be out in paper soon.

The Tyro is the first book in the trilogy about earth-born dreamwalkers who re-unite on the world Larreta after centuries of incarnations on earth. They have barely arrived when they are thrown together to solve the mystery of time rifts that threaten the existence of all life on Larreta.

Jesse holds the secret to the origin of the rifts. He swears he and Leo are old friends, but Leo can’t remember him and isn’t sure he wants to. To save both worlds from destruction, Leo’s memories must surface so he and Jesse can create a vital passage through time and space. But can he face the pain of his past and form a bond of trust with Jesse before it is too late?

In The Rending, Leo and Jesse join forces to create a volatile passageway through time and space. Leo’s skill is looking backward in time, while Jesse sees the future, even when it endangers his life. But Jesse hasn’t learned to control his abilities. And Leo doesn’t dare succumb to his passion for the beautiful newcomer.

The fate of two worlds depends on the bond of trust developing between them but the dark puppet master behind the rifts has other plans. And patience is her greatest virtue.




Visionary Fiction

When I started writing short stories, I was struggling with my novel, which refused to bend to my will. I wanted to write a fantasy about the characters who lived in my head and the alternate worlds they inhabited, but they kept wanting to tell me about their re-incarnational experiences on earth.

So I put the book aside, used my dreams as a starting point, and wrote shorter fiction. More manageable, I thought. Again, the characters kept bumping up against the veil that separates ordinary reality from what lies beyond.

I shouldn’t have been surprised since that happened frequently in my everyday life. It seemed more natural, so why shouldn’t my fiction reflect what visions as well as actions, flights of fancy as well as plans and goals?

I had to study meditation and then metaphysics before I realized that my reality was normal even though it included phenomena most people didn’t recognize. Just lucky, I guess.

Now that I have learned more and written a lot more, I find my work falls into the category of Visionary Fiction, a subset of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror) that uses ancient teachings to inform the present day.

According to the Visionary Fiction Alliance, a growth in consciousness is the motivation for protagonists in this type of fiction. It explores human potential and celebrates the possibility for evolution and co-creation. The plot elements of dreams, visions, reincarnation, and psychic abilities figure prominently.  Finally, a place where I fit in!

My book of short stories, The Way Home, explores the journeys of characters who are trying to get home and keeping bumping up against an invisible wall.

The Dreamwalkers of Larreta is a fantasy trilogy, published by Ellysian Press. Two spirits have furthered their education through the trials of earth incarnations so they can return to Larreta and find each other again. Difficulties abound.

If you enjoy fiction with a twist, characters who are more than even they know, and some (slightly skewed) insight into the human condition, you might enjoy reading visionary fiction. You could start with the visionary fiction reading group on Goodreads.




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