Classes are being offered online through Zoom at UNM Continuing Education.
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Connect to Your Creative Self Through Writing

March 7-28, Thursday, 4-6 PM. Live on Zoom

If you’re interested in transitioning to writing fiction, memoir, or nonfiction, or just want to enhance your creativity, learning to trust the creative impulse and develop habits that nurture it are critical. Your Creative Self has something to say. You can live your best life by listening to that inner wisdom.

Taught by Carol March, published author of novels, short stories, essays, and self-help books on creativity and personal development. Suggested text: When Spirit Whispers Workbook of prompts and exercises, available on Amazon and from the instructor. 

The Elements of Story

March 26-April 30, Tuesday, 4-6 PM. Live on Zoom

Are you ready to tell your stories? Fiction or creative nonfiction, all stories have common elements. Learn about effective beginnings and endings. Develop memorable characters doing fascinating things in settings that jump off the page. We’ll cover internal and external plots, description, scene and narrative, and how to choose the best point of view. Students may share their writing in class if they choose. No writing experience required, only a strong desire to get those stories out of your head and onto the page.

Editing for Writers

May 7-28, Tuesday, 4-6 PM. Live on Zoom

Avoid the rejection pile by editing out the common mistakes made by new writers. We’ll look at use of adjectives and adverbs, over-writing and under-writing, punctuation, effective dialogue, interior monologue, avoiding repetition and identifying personal “writing quirks.”

Drill down to the paragraph and sentence level to copyedit for clarity, meaning, and style. Develop a system for different levels of editing. Learn how to review your work from the perspective of the “big picture,” to include point of view, pacing, character development, scene and narration, setting, tone and voice. Learn to develop your hooks.wr

The Writer’s Mindset: How to Keep Writing Til You Finish That Book!

June 4-18, Tuesday, 4-6 PM. Live on Zoom

The Writer’s Mindset will help you stop thinking about writing and get to work! Practical strategies, helpful resources, and practice leads to a productive writing practice. You will learn how to short-circuit the messages of the inner critic so you can write with joy and abandon. 

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