The Way Home

An anthology of visionary stories about finding your true home. The second edition of The Way Home includes the title novella and eight short stories about people seeking what is lost, following clues from just beyond the veil. A metaphysical treat for those who like their stories off the beaten path, their fantasy balanced on the edge of reality.

Two lovers cling to each other in the ruins of their world. Only The Call of the Benu can save them, but will she come in time?

In Desert Song, a young woman embarks reluctantly on a road trip where she is chased by a ghostly skeleton and faces buried memories so she can open to herself to love for the first time.

A thoroughly urban poet searches for home in the desert she has always feared and follows a wolf to meet her destiny in The Conversation.

The Way Home is a journey into the past to save the future as Mata seeks redemption from an unlikely source.



Star Crossed

Romantic stories set in the magical Southwest.  Where past and present mingle, ghosts loiter behind rocks, and sandstone cliffs reveal their secrets. If youo know how to listen.

Women who have loved and lost have the chance to love again.  But are they ready?




The Man Who Watched the Stars

Astronauts in Love

The first hyperspace jump with human and alien copilots creates a result no one foresaw. The most famous astronaut on earth has deserted and calls his ex-wife to rescue him so he can be with the man he loves.



That Day in the Desert

The dreamwalkers of Larreta journey to Earth to teach. Before they can teach, they must learn.

When their education is complete, they notice a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction, a wordless yearning for the doorway back to their homes. Some search for many lifetimes before they find a portal to Larreta.

The Storyteller of Verdallon would love to tell you what happened to Valerie That Day in the Desert.

The heat of midsummer shimmers around the car as it barrels through the New Mexico desert. A mysterious voice whispers in Valerie’s ear and offers escape from a predictable life and a marriage of convenience. As the sun sets, the voice assumes a shape that beckons her from a distant mountain. When her car crashes into an enigmatic stone circle, Valerie must decide if the she’s ready to risk the unknown.


Return to Radasam

A romantic fantasy of interpenetrating worlds

Learn what Valerie discovers on the other side of the portal

In the second Tale of the Storyteller, Valerie meets Leo, a dreamwalker assigned to teach her about Larreta.Tall, handsome and haunted by loss, Leo fails to convince her that she is on another world until they undertake the journey to Return to Radasam, and discover that the desert Portal Guardian has his own plans for the beautiful newcomer.

Return to Radasam is the second tale of the dreamwalkers of Larreta, an adventure fantasy of the journey of human dreamwalkers reclaiming their heritage so they can continue on their destiny paths.



Valentine for a Beloved Dog

I thought my dog Buddy would enjoy a companion because he loved playing with other dogs at the dog park. But when I brought Zena home one scorching August day in 2010, I learned I was wrong. Buddy was jealous, annoyed, and intimidated by this big Shepherd/heeler...

Dancing With the Creative Self

Many of my students sign up for a writing course because they have an urge to bring forth their experiences. They want to write stories, poems, memoirs. Many have never written before. They don’t know where to start. What to write about. How to choose fiction or...

Is the Story of Your Life Changing?

The stories of our daily lives have changed. We had no choice. We’re working at home. Not working. Home schooling the kids. Can’t travel. No baseball games, concerts, movies, or parties. We learned to operate on Zoom and discovered you can order anything, literally...

Why We Need Visionary Fiction

I have always written visionary fiction. It wasn’t as much a choice as how I perceived the world. Dreams, visions, alternate realities that peek from behind the veil, reincarnation, ghosts, messengers from other worlds—all the stories that dropped into my mind...

What Do You Want to Have, To Do, To Be?

A good question, posed in a graduate social psychology class, and an eye-opener for me. I had recently moved from Philadelphia to California to escape an abusive relationship. What I wanted for the past year was crystal clear. Get my affairs in order, plan the move,...

Now Is The Time

Well, here we are. It’s been a month since I’ve attended a meeting outside my home. A month since I’ve taught in a classroom. Since I’ve had lunch with a friend, gone to a movie or stood in line at the grocery store. Even for an introverted writer who loves solitude,...

Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?  Sure, you might say. I’ve seen miracles. And I expect to see them again Or, There are no such things. Science has explanations for everything. Actually, both perspectives are right. Miracles are prayers answered, hope fulfilled, stories of...

Easy Methods to Reduce Holiday Stress

Yes, we love the holidays. Family, food, out of town guests, parties, long lunches, shopping, and evergreen trees in the living room. Of course we do. But it can be overwhelming.

Easy Methods to Reduce Holiday Stress

Yes, we love the holidays. Family, food, out of town guests, parties, long lunches, shopping, and evergreen trees in the living room. Of course we do. But it can be overwhelming. Too much family, food, guests, parties, lunches, and shopping. What happened to the tree?...

Change Your Life, Reduce Your Stress

Meditation is an easy, simple way to calm down, reduce mental chatter, and take more pleasure in life. For many years, my meditation practice has formed the foundation of my creative work. It helps me listen better, understand what my body needs, and stay present for...