Coaching for Writers

Plan and Organize Your Project

I can help you focus and develop your ideas, organize your book, assist you in market research, and identify your audience. With in-person or online coaching sessions, I offer:

  • help in developing and organizing your concept/idea/theme
  • assistance with manuscript organization, plot, characters, and structure
  • advice on how to complete or self-edit your book
  • feedback on whether your manuscript is ready to submit to editors or publishers.

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Everyone needs someone in their corner. Writing can be a lonely business and a coach can help you to keep moving forward. I offer:

  • brainstorming on any aspect of your project
  • feedback on subject, character, plot, setting, dialogue
  • goal setting and periodic check-ins to keep momentum
  • support with any aspect of the writing process

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Whether you are seeking a literary agent, plan to submit to a small press publisher, or prefer to self-publish, I have information and practical resources to help you move forward.

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Project Development

I help authors refine their ideas for nonfiction articles, book chapter, and nonfiction books and write or re-write first drafts.

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Career/Life Coaching for People in Transition 



Magical Words, Magical You!

Do you have a story to tell? An idea rumbling around in your mind? A character you see so clearly s/he seems real? An imaginary place you long to create for your character to roam? Maybe your story is true. An experience from your earlier life. A lesson learned....

Yes! You are Creative.

“But I’m just not creative.” Sad words, filled with regret, uttered as an apology, sometimes in a whisper. I hear them from people in my classes, from people in bookstores and art galleries who are mentally comparing themselves to the featured writers and artists....

Do You See the Door?

It’s right there. Behind that tree. In the shadow of the curtain in the room where you sleep. In your dreams, glowing with golden light. Since I learned to meditate, new information presents itself as a door to be opened. Or ignored. In the world of spirit, there is...

Listen! Something is Stirring!

It wants your attention. It wants to be free. Have you heard it whisper? You know what it is. It dances through your dreams. It causes you to be late because you’re mesmerized by a cloud formation that looks exactly like the city in a story you want to write. In a...

Loving and Giving

Writing about the upcoming arts and crafts festival at UNM Continuing Education got me thinking. As much as a sense of unease rises in my chest at the sight of artificial Christmas trees for sale in October, I tell myself to stop being a curmudgeon. It’s the holidays!...

Winners and More Winners

My new book, When Spirit Whispers: a journey of awakening, is a winner in the 2022 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards! I am excited and gratified to be honored by this excellent organization. The book was a labor of love, my small offering of aid and inspiration to those...

Your Creative Self is Waiting for You!

My next nonfiction book has a working title of Your Creative Self is Waiting for You. I am writing it for readers who want to access their creativity in any form. I believe we are all creative. Even those who protest, “Oh, not me, I have no talent.” We can’t all be...

How Healthy is Your Brain?

About 50 million people worldwide are suffering from dementia in 2021, but the total number of people with dementia is projected to reach 82 million in 2030 and a staggering 152 million in 2050.  For Kate Kunkel, the tragedy of this disease struck three times. Both...

A Different Kind of Memoir

New Mexico author Jean Stouffer has written a moving memoir of healing from the effects of growing up with an alcoholic mother. But Sometimes I Cry is not just another recounting of a child caring for an absent parent and the self-esteem and abandonment issues that...

Making Space for Happiness

By now, we thought our lives would have settled into whatever the “new normal” turned out to be. That doesn’t ring quite true. Not with a new virus strain, economic and political challenges, and warm weather that is both pleasant and a harbinger of an uncertain...