Classes are being offered online through Zoom at UNM Continuing Education.
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Elements of Story (Live Online) (14881/90414)

Sept. 9 through Oct. 14. Wednesday, 4-6 PM

Are you ready to tell your stories? Fiction or creative nonfiction, all stories have common elements. Learn about effective beginnings and endings. Develop memorable characters doing fascinating things in settings that jump off the page. We’ll cover internal and external plots, description, scene and narrative, and how to choose the best point of view for your story. Students may share their writing in class if they choose.

Writing Your Way Through Turbulent Times
(Live Online ) (14868/90383)

Sept. 17 through Oct. 8. Thursday, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Writing in a journal can help you navigate uncertainty and stress. When our regular lives are turned upside down, it’s normal to experience unease and frustration. Writing about what’s going on in your life helps you move through the experience and develop new strategies for the future. In a safe, supportive environment, we will explore simple yet powerful writing techniques that enhance well-being and help you develop resilience. Research on this type of journaling shows that the benefits are similar to those derived from yoga and meditation. No writing experience necessary. Just bring a notebook and pen (or a computer!). Student writing is confidential and need not be shared.

From Inspiration to Publication (Live Online)   (14902/90382)

Oct 21 through Nov. 11. Wednesday, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

You want to write a book—a novel, memoir, historical, self-help or inspirational book  to share your knowledge.  The first step is finding your vision. What is your message?  Who are you speaking to? Find your passion and you’ve found the subject of your book.  The next step is to organize and position your book to sell in today’s marketplace. You will learn how to research the market, decide where your book fits, and how to write it to appeal to your target audience. No writing experience necessary, only a desire to learn. Takeaways include resource lists, a plan of action, and organizational tools. Taught by Carol March, author of speculative fiction and nonfiction books on the creative process.

Weekly Workshop Class for Writers

Ongoing workshops for fiction and nonfiction writers who are ready to give and receive constructive feedback.

Are you working on a short story, novel, nonfiction book, or memoir? Would you like the benefit of sharing and discussing your work in a group setting? This class is for aspiring and beginning writers who want supportive feedback, and are willing to assist other writers by reading and commenting on their work.

Classes include discussion of writing topics, resources, and a review of participants’ writing. Feedback on your work is structured to be helpful and supportive, and will be provided by class members and the instructor.

Dancing With the Creative Self

Many of my students sign up for a writing course because they have an urge to bring forth their experiences. They want to write stories, poems, memoirs. Many have never written before. They don’t know where to start. What to write about. How to choose fiction or...

Is the Story of Your Life Changing?

The stories of our daily lives have changed. We had no choice. We’re working at home. Not working. Home schooling the kids. Can’t travel. No baseball games, concerts, movies, or parties. We learned to operate on Zoom and discovered you can order anything, literally...

Why We Need Visionary Fiction

I have always written visionary fiction. It wasn’t as much a choice as how I perceived the world. Dreams, visions, alternate realities that peek from behind the veil, reincarnation, ghosts, messengers from other worlds—all the stories that dropped into my mind...

What Do You Want to Have, To Do, To Be?

A good question, posed in a graduate social psychology class, and an eye-opener for me. I had recently moved from Philadelphia to California to escape an abusive relationship. What I wanted for the past year was crystal clear. Get my affairs in order, plan the move,...

Now Is The Time

Well, here we are. It’s been a month since I’ve attended a meeting outside my home. A month since I’ve taught in a classroom. Since I’ve had lunch with a friend, gone to a movie or stood in line at the grocery store. Even for an introverted writer who loves solitude,...

Believe in Miracles

Do you believe in miracles?  Sure, you might say. I’ve seen miracles. And I expect to see them again Or, There are no such things. Science has explanations for everything. Actually, both perspectives are right. Miracles are prayers answered, hope fulfilled, stories of...

Easy Methods to Reduce Holiday Stress

Yes, we love the holidays. Family, food, out of town guests, parties, long lunches, shopping, and evergreen trees in the living room. Of course we do. But it can be overwhelming.

Easy Methods to Reduce Holiday Stress

Yes, we love the holidays. Family, food, out of town guests, parties, long lunches, shopping, and evergreen trees in the living room. Of course we do. But it can be overwhelming. Too much family, food, guests, parties, lunches, and shopping. What happened to the tree?...

Change Your Life, Reduce Your Stress

Meditation is an easy, simple way to calm down, reduce mental chatter, and take more pleasure in life. For many years, my meditation practice has formed the foundation of my creative work. It helps me listen better, understand what my body needs, and stay present for...

Vein of Gold

Vein of Gold, metaphorically the hidden treasure of our lives, is the title of a Julia Cameron book on journaling our way to creativity and spirituality. Her books are for people seeking to uncover their art, who may be stuck, or lack confidence in their ability to...